Monday, 27 October 2008


I never realised this before but you can get tae-bo on youtube!!!

How ace is that??? Since I have my laptop on generally at night anyway, all I need to do is throw on something comfortable and take part in the Tae Bo Abs Bootcamp. It might make me working out far easier.

I spent nearly 20 minutes doing it earlier this evening and feel a bit better for it. It made me feel a bit less guilty about eating a rather large slice of creamy sponge cake for dessert tonight.

And tomorrow, hopefully, a run!!! I can't remember how long it's been since I went a run. I'm rather looking forward to it, actually. Sad, eh???

Sunday, 26 October 2008


Today (well YESTERDAY, now) WAS going well until about half nine, when my flatmate's boyf turned up with a bottle of rose wine and after drinking a glass of that, I ended up on the vodka. But whatever. Tomorrow (or TODAY) is a new day and all that, so figured before I went to bed I would try and discover some decent weight loss tips. I figured if I committed them to print on my OWN blog, I would not only help anyone who reads it (or the ONE person who does – Alice, I'll namecheck you now), but help myself too because I'll have it all in one place. So here goes . . .

Why? - so you can give your metabolism time to work off any calories you've consumed.
Why this might be difficult for me? - because I find it faaaaarrrr harder to resist after seven pm. I could virtually starve myself all day if I wanted to (I don't, but that's not the point) but it's evening when I start to crave chocolate and crisps.

Why? - it kickstarts your metabolism, and apparently keeps you full for longer.
Why this might be difficult for me? - because I have a lot of trouble finding time to eat breakfast before I leave the flat in the morning due to the fact I walk to work and generally try to start at eight am. In addition, when I DO find time to eat before I leave, I actually end up hungrier sooner. Go figure . . .

Why? - flushes out your system, curbs your appetite, helps your skin, blah blah blah
Why this might be difficult for me? - drinking at least 2 litres of water a day is quite time consuming. Especially when you're working. Plus, I generally need some caffeine-full fizzy drink to keep me awake. Oh, and not to mention the time you have to waste running to the loo . . .

Why? - well, duh. This one is pretty obvious right? Certain foods APPARENTLY have less calories than your body burns to eat them. I'm a little dubious about this, but there ARE things like cherry tomatoes, raspberries and watermelon that have absurdly few calories in them, and sometimes it's hard to believe that eating a whole box of them still has less calories and fat than a chocolate bar you could inhale in approximately five seconds.
Why this might be difficult for me? - no matter how hard I try, inhaling a chocolate bar in five seconds is more appealing than eating fruit pretty much anyday.

For anyone who thinks I'm being negative here, I'm actually not. I'm just pre-empting my own thoughts. I KNOW that these tips make sense, it's just that I can find a personal argument against most of them, and this is going to be my personal hurdle to overcome if I want to lose weight.

Anyway, anytime I come across a useful tip, I will post it.

In fact, I may have a better idea. Leave it with me . . .

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Okay, I'm starting again today.

This time I THINK I'm determined. I had a bit of a fright the other day when I realised I'd put on even more weight, I guess it was a bit of a wake up call.

So I think what I need to do is plan what I'm eating in advance, plan my exercise in advance and then just try and stick to it. I'll keep you updated . . . once I HAVE a plan, that is!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

I KNOW, I KNOW . . .

. . . I've not been updating but the fact is, I've had nothing to update. I've been very naughty. And now my holiday, my motivation for losing weight, has passed. But hey I still need to lose the weight. And I will.

Once I get into the swing of things again, I'll update more regularly. Promise!