Monday, 28 June 2010


I realised my blog's tagline reads my goal is to lose a stone in weight. Obviously back when I ORIGINALLY started this blog, I was lighter . . . oh, and I didn't have decent scales. Now I DO have decent scales (well, I THINK they're decent although they like to occasionally let me think I've lost 28 pounds, depending on where I stand on them in my room) and I realise it's more like two stone of weight I need to lose.

My goal weight is 8 stone 3. So 115 pounds. I'm currently hovering above 140 pounds. Which was the weight I was when I ORIGINALLY lost weight nine years ago. Argh!!!

I have been experimenting with The Harcombe Diet of late, which is a food combining diet in essence, but it's been difficult for me to get out of the calorie counting mentality, although I definitely like all the logic behind it. I've now shifted to calorie counting but while trying for the most part to not mix my animal fat and carbs.

With me though, the thing that has made me pile on that last fourteen pounds is definitely the wine.

I drink way too much of it, so that is the thing that I HAVE to cut down on. I have no choice - not just for my weight, but for my health too.

So today was day 2 of yet another diet cycle. I face my first challenge tomorrow when I meet my sister after work for dinner. I need to find a relatively healthy meal . . . and somehow resist the wine. Hmmmm - wish me luck with that one!!!