Monday, 8 September 2008

DAY ONE , , ,

So not off to the best of starts.

As it was a lazy day for me today and I couldn't even be bothered getting out of bed until midday-ish, I decided to have two main meals rather than three. The plan was two low fat ready meals - one under three hundred cals, the other under four hundred. Simple enough, right? (I know ready meals aren't the best option but they're the easiest way for me to moderate my calorie intake right now). I had a Muller Vitality probiotic drink as my "breakfast" substitute about an hour prior to the first ready meal.

All would have probably been okay if I hadn't then consumed a 400 cal plus bar of galaxy chocolate. Damn, I'm weak.

On the upside, I DID do a significant amount of exercise for me, so I'm not gonna sweat it too much (well, literally, I sweated quite a bit during my workout, but you get my drift). I realise I'm not going to lose all the weight I want to lose overnight and that if I beat myself up about bingeing it will just make me feel worse and eat more, so I'm just gonna try my best to take one day at a time. That's all I can do really . . .

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