Monday, 12 January 2009


. . . is not something that really exists in my vocabulary. I wish it was.

However, I'm proud of myself tonight. I managed to resist having too much to eat after I got home. I had a chicken and noodle stirfry for dinner - nothing big, I didn't really want to spare the calories as I ate quite a lot during the day. Although I walked to and from work so I wasn't worrying too much about the amount I ate.

And after dinner I did my exercise dvd. I'm almost getting quite into it, which is surprising for me. The dvd is a tad repetitive but it manages to get lots of lunges and squats into the workout in an aerobic way, which is unusual in my view. I really need to buy some hand weights because the other workout utilises them a lot, and promises to change your body shape very quickly. I could use some of that!

Anyway, I had three squares of Green & Blacks mint chocolate and that didn't seem enough. I wasn't even hungry but I was craving something else. I wandered about the kitchen, looking for something, realised the only thing I really wanted was something dripping in cheese . . . and stopped myself. Grabbed a can of Sprite Zero instead and headed back to my room. Away from the temptation.

Yay me!

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Coming to my BIG-ole,
John Belushi, party-hardy,
Seventh-Heaven which is
eternal pleasure-beyond-measure?

Do you...
1) love God?
2) love your neighbor?
Cya Upstairs.