Saturday, 29 November 2008


I recently read a diet tip that suggested if you eat three apples a day, you can lose up to 2lbs in a month.

Without making any other changes to your diet!!!

Now this could be all rubbish but it makes sense in a way to me. After all, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then surely three is even better??? Let's look at this way . . . an average apple has about 60 calories in it, right? And there's quite a lot of eating in one of them. In other words, they keep your mouth occupied for a while without causing you to waste too much calories. And they actually fill you up pretty well.

I know this from experience as last year one of my colleagues told me she had devised her own diet using apples that helped her lose a little bit of weight prior to Christmas (you know, so it didn't matter if she put any weight on over the holidays!). Basically the diet involved eating nothing but apples during the day then a normal meal at night. Of course, I ruined it by stuffing my face with chocolate at night but I certainly didn't put any weight ON!!! Anyway, my point? That trying that diet for a couple of days proved that apples were pretty damn filling. I think I had four or five during the day and didn't get hungry. I DID get bored though but that's not the point...

So I figure there could definitely be some truth in the whole apple as a weight loss food thing. So I'm now trying to combine eating three apples a day with a lower calorie diet in the hope that both can work together to accelerate the weight loss.

So this has been today's meal plan so far . . .

One egg and some salad (lettuce, some plum tomatoes and yellow pepper with some olive oil and lemon juice as dressing)
1 apple
WW Chili con Carne (which was yummy, I might add)
1 apple

I've just ate another apple now and have popped a Weightwatchers lasagne in the oven along with a sweet potato. I figure the baked sweet potato will help fill me up (let's face it, the WW meals on their own aren't always that filling). Anyway, I'm quite proud of myself today.

I am also aiming to not drink alcohol again until next Friday since that's obviously a big downfall of mine.

I'm going to try my best to stick to it this time, but I feel a lot more motivated than usual so hopefully it won't be as difficult as I expect it to be...

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