Saturday, 8 November 2008

OOPS . . .

Yesterday went rapidly downhill after my post. I ended up eating two different meals for dinner, plus I polished off a bottle of wine. Ooops, like I said.

Anyway, today is a new day. So far I've had my usual probiotic yogurt drink and some low fat natural organic yogurt too. Just making my lunch now. I'm having a corn on the cob and also some fish. I bought these great fish portions in Iceland, they're frozen and come in their own little boil in the bag pack with parsley sauce. It's absolutely delicious, so easy to make as you just need to pop it in the microwave and only 123 calories. Plus the sauce is lovely and flavours everything else you want to have with it - I tend to go with green veg like sprouts, brocolli and salad leaves, but today since I'm having the corn on the cob I'm just going to add some mushrooms to the fish sauce and think that will definitely be enough. That should hopefully keep me going until dinner, and I'm going to try and do a bit of an exercise dvd too if possible, just to get my metabolism up and running properly.

It's so hard to motivate yourself when it's the weekend though!

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