Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Me and my flatmate went on a big supermarket shop on Monday night to stock up on lots of healthy food, low fat ready meals, things to snack on that are low calorie and the like.

I definitely think being prepared is a good idea when you are trying to be on a diet or be healthy. Otherwise you end up using lack of food as an excuse to opt for the junk-food option. (Although to be honest, I could do that whether I had a healthily-stocked kitchen or not . . . ) Hopefully the fact that we have bought ourselves tons of stuff to keep us going means that we will end up sticking to the diet. We'll see!!!

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Steph in the City said...

Just be careful that you don't by too much of a variety. You end up wanting to 'try' everything and eating more! But I definitely think you are on the right track by stocking up on healthy stuff. Good luck!