Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Not quite so good today, I'm afraid.

I started off well, the same start as yesterday. Two apples, a probiotic yogurt drink. A tub of grapes. At lunch I didn't want to fall into the pumpkin seed trap again so I brought an extra tub - of cherry tomatoes this time - to go with my chicken mayo wrap (as you can see, I varied it very slightly today - and low fat mayo!) and alpen bar.

It was tonight I slipped up. A nice guy in my work had brought me in some home made pizza and I managed to save it til tonight - but ate four slices of it. It was beautiful, mind you, and apparently made using low fat cheese, so I suppose it probably wasn't as bad as a takeaway pizza. And I walked to AND from work today meaning a roundtrip of 5 miles AND a 20 minute jog this evening. Not as long as yesterday but I felt like I shouldn't overdo it if I want to exercise tomorrow too.

So although I DID eat a bit more than I intended, I at least DID exercise I suppose. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day and all that jazz . . .

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