Monday, 3 November 2008


Here's what I have ate today. Is it good? Is it bad? I'm not sure . . . Advice anyone???

Breakfast: A probiotic Muller Vitality yogurt drink (approx 60 calories) and two apples
Mid-morning snack - a small tub of grapes (approx 20 grapes)
Lunch - a tortilla wrap with chicken and some low fat coleslaw, a light Alpen chocolate orange bar (approx 80 calories) and a handful of spiced pumpkin seeds
Dinner - a Weightwatchers lasagne, a handful of cherry tomatoes and one light Laughing Cow triangle
Evening snack - one Weightwatchers lemon slice (approx 70 calories) and one Weightwatchers toffee bar (approx 80 calories)

Okay, I slipped up a little this evening by having the TWO evening snacks rather than one (or, even better, NONE!) but at least they were Weightwatchers ones, right? I usually can get through far more calories in an evening so I've actually been fairly restrained - and the lasagne was less than 300 calories as well. And DELICIOUS!!! In addition, I got a good way towards my quota of fruit and veg portions for the day.

The only thing I can't do a good calorie estimation for is the wrap I made for lunch. That's the one advantage to ready-made meals (other than convenience), the fact the nutritional content is written all over the packaging. I'm guessing possibly around 400 which I suppose is okay for lunchtime. If it hadn't been for the pumpkin seeds, I would definitely say I was under 1300 calories. They upset the calculations slightly though, but I suppose they were still good for me.

Oh yes, and despite getting a taxi to work this morning (kudos to me for still managing to make my lunch despite sleeping in I guess!) we walked home (about two and a half miles) after work AND went for a 30 minute jog. So really when I think about it I actually DID eat less and exercise more than usual!

I'm putting a ban on all social activities this week. I need to get a good kick start on the diet this time. Going out is bad because I find it difficult to restrain myself when it comes to alcohol and nice food. So staying in will be the new going out this week, just until I can get myself into a routine. And on top of that, we're hoping to jog another two nights this week.

I'm feeling fairly positive about the diet at the moment but it IS only day one. Again. Hopefully I can stick to it this time . . .

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Lesli said...

I love Laughing Cow cheese! Have you laughed today?? I just started reading your diet blog. It is really interesting!!